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In the first of our 12-part maintenance series, Nick Burnham guides you through the best techniques to clean your teak decks

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Correct teak deck maintenance will ensure that your decking looks great and lasts. Here are our simple tips on how to care for a teak deck.

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Surely an old question but what do people recommend for bringing a shine back to decks untended for a year..!

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The truth about teak decks. Ben To keep your deck clean there Perhaps what worries me most about laid decks on glassfibre boats is that

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Wessex Teak Cleaner & Teak Renovator. Teak cleaning made easy with superb results! Both products are suitable for use on teak boat decks, teak

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Teak Deck Cleaning. Maintaining teak decks is considered by many as a job for Roman galley slaves. This has resulted in numerous ‘miracle