The reason why students travel to USA

The reason why students travel to USA

Everyone has a dream to lead a comfortable life. I think everyone is aware of present conditions in India. Looking at the location and the places in foreign countries in movies and other Medias, one would definitely dream to stay in foreign countries especially in USA.

india vs usa

We all know that India has a very conserved and reserved society structure where people would make their decision not just for their own sake but before taking any decision we all know that people would first would think what that person or society would speak about their decision. And in Indian scenario society and people would play a significant role in all the decision. But when it comes to American states we see people living for themselves where the decision would be based on their point of view rather than the society’s point of view.

One would enjoy his personal privacy more while compared to India, Unlike other places we can see people living by themselves without intruding in other’s life unless they are well acquainted with them. Privacy, independence of an individual is gives the utmost priority.  The people have no time to waste by intruding other’s life and judging their life or comparing their standard of living with others because they think time is money for them.

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As I told in USA you can live as you wish, i.e. dress as per you wishes, persuade your career as per your choice, enjoy your privacy as per your wish, and many more things you can do as u wish. Nobody will question you. And also one can enjoy the physical comforts even though you are belonging to any class. One can find heaters being adapted at the cold regions of America at all public transport systems and all the public places too. And air conditions at the hotter places. This shows that each and everyone are treated equally, irrespective of their class, caste, nationality. People always wish to be treated equally in the society. That wish can be fulfilled in USA.

Each and everyone have their own field of interest or in simpler terms one can tell each one of them have their ways of spending their leisure time as well as their own way of enjoying their free time. But certain times the scenario will be as such that they may have to leave their way of spending time due to peer pressure or just because that is not accepted by the culture of the society. But in USA you don’t have to think about any of such kind of attitude. Instead you find a group of people who are the way you are. Means you would find a likeminded people who have interest in spending their time exactly the way you were dreaming to spend your time. Isn’t this something amazing and lovely?

Every profession has its culture and people like to spend time and give utmost priority to their privacy. So they strictly follow their work culture. You must be wondering about this work culture. I mean to say that people will strictly work for 8hrs and they go to office at 8AM and return back from work by 4:30PM. And do not work on weekends until and unless the work is very important. They work to live and not live to work. But in India we see people living to work and work for more than 8hrs. Usually they work for 12hrs.

Though we Indians in India have adopted many cultures from USA we have failed to adopt this work culture. This is one among the prominent reasons for people dreaming to lead their life in USA. Living freely without being questioned or judged by the people and society is really something that everyone dreams of in the present biased world.