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Products Advantages Applications Resources Gallery FAQs.. would Spancrete? hollow core plank cost for my. a residential garage is 80 pounds per square foot.

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Spancrete Hollowcore Precast Concrete. as much as 10,000 square feet of plank per day. Spancrete Hollowcore can e shaped and. reduce weight and cost,.

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The following can be used as a rule of thumb. Residential garage floors are generally 80 pounds per square foot (psf), offices are 100 psf, general assembly spaces are 100 to 150 psf, mezzanines are a minimum of 125 psf, and residential loading is 50 psf.

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The Cost per square foot topped is $7.31, and the cost per square foot untopped is $5.28. Hollowcore - Kerkstra Precast - Similar to Hollowcore - Kerkstra Precast Hollowcore is a prestressed concrete slab manufactured with continuous voids to fireproofing needed, resulting in lower construction and insurance costs.

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Average Cost of Concrete Slabs Per Square Foot The average cost of a concrete slab will be between $5 and $7 dollars per square foot or $135 and $189 per cubic yard. Civil Engineers Forum.

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A friend of mine says that if we're going to have 9' walls under the garage then we should consider "spancrete" for the. will cost about. per square foot for.

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This would drop the cost per square foot to roughly $51 per square foot for the same project and materials, but not all areas can legally create structures of this kind with non-union labor. Materials would cost around $6.5 million, contractor fees would cost roughly $1.6 million, and the architectural costs would stand at roughly $392,000.

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How To Order Concrete.. What is the cost per square foot? This is the easiest way to evenly compare the contractors. Request that any specialty items.

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Standard ICF is driving down the cost of ICF construction by. Divide the number of square feet by 5.33sq. ft. to determining. $100.00 Per yard (1 yard.