What to do after your Education in USA

What to do after your Education in USA

Every student wishes to have a job by the time he is graduated. But there will be a question or query in the minds of students who are studying in the USA, that whether they will be able to get a job by the time they are graduated? Can they stay back in the USA to build their career? Here is the answer to such queries.


Yes. The answer is yes. One can stay in the USA after graduating also. Do you want to know how? Then you have two options. One is that you should enroll yourself in OPT (Optional Practical Training). OPT will extend your stay in the USA for another one year. By registering yourself for OPT, you can get practical training in your field of study. And only F-1 visa holders can enroll into OPT. Processing of the OPT application nearly takes 3-4 months. But the F-1 visa holders will be given only 60 days of time after graduating from college. So the student has to apply for OPT before graduating. The student may not come back home soon after completing the graduation.

The second option is getting an H-1B visa sponsored by some company. By doing this one can extend his/her stay for another three years. One can obtain an H-1 visa only if you have a bachelor’s degree in a field of Architecture, Engineering, Mathematics and Statistics, physical sciences, health, or Education.

The most likely opted study programs by international students are engineering, physical and life science, business, mathematics, computer science and social science. These subjects are very useful in developing global economies.

After you have completed your bachelor’s degree or master’s degree, you always have the option to study more. People tend to extend their stay in the USA for their further studies like Ph.D. especially in the fields of computer science, physics, and engineering.

More than everything, not every international student want to stay in the USA after graduation. Some of them may return to put their skills to use in their hometown. What once called as “brain drain” is now called as “brain circulation” because international students are increasingly returning to their home countries after obtaining a degree.

I would like to provide you certain tips to get a job after your graduation.

Plan a head

  • Plan beforehand: do not wait until you complete your graduation. Start finding a job by approaching different firms and try to get yourself a sponsor for your visa also. If you wait till the completion of your graduation, then it will be too late. If you search beforehand then you get an opportunity to build a rapport and a good relationship that improves the chances of being sponsored for the visa.

rules and regulations

  • Know about the rules and regulations: collect the information regarding the visa process, deadlines to apply for the permit, cost, etc. after knowing all these searches for the companies which can sponsor a visa, the process to get the authorization and the time taken to complete the process.
  • Wise utilization of resource: the best place to begin is the school’s International Students Office and career development center. These resources can provide information and guide about what kind of job can be applied. You can also attend career fairs and talk to recruiters and ask for their help for a potentiality in the interviews you attend.
  • Establish good network connections: get yourself connected to alumni groups of your college and ask their help to guide you through this process. Build a good bond with your professors and the parents of your friends or classmates. And attend the career fairs and do the CPT internships to move further towards your career.


  • Prepare an attractive resume: make an up to date resume, listing all your achievements and experiences gained. In the interview try to focus on the uniqueness you have.
  • Keep up your spirit: sometimes trying to find a job continuously makes you feel frustrated. But still make sure you keep up your spirit level. Smiling and staying active will enhance your confidence level and inspires the employer to hire you.

Keeping all the tips mentioned above in your mind select the best for yourself with proper guidance. All the best for your bright and blooming future.