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Newer technology may make asement hardwood flooring a standard choice! Minimal damage risks result from structural preparation and applied engineering of core.

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With the introduction of engineered wood flooring, hardwood floors can be used in virtually every room in the house, even in basements.

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Even in the event of something as catastrophic as a water heater flooding the entire basement, these floors would dry. like wood. Engineered Wood Flooring:.

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Concrete basement floors poured on grade will have a tendency to move with the soil. Most homes with structural wood floors are built on deep concrete.

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When considering basement flooring options,. is that concrete and tile floors don’t really fit our. The biggest reason not to use wood in a basement is that.

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We have been in the house for about 4mths and we are about to redo the basement. There are no signs or odor that would indicate any current or past problem with water.

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Worried about cold basement floors? Then it's no problem to lay down radiant heating coils under the tile.. Basement Flooring Ideas: Engineered Wood Flooring .