You should know about USA education visa

You should know about USA education visa

Every student desires to be the graduate from top colleges in abroad. Students who are just planning to continue their studies they can just surf for the list of top overseas education consultants in Hyderabad to just make sure that they choose the best for themselves in all possible ways and plan for their future in a best possible way and prepare accordingly to it in the USA.

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After completely being landed in an unknown place and staying there makes little uneasy for you. So to make yourself comfortable enough as the student you can find a part-time job for yourself either in on-campus jobs or off campus job. But to apply to this, you must be an F-1 visa holder. Only F-1 visa holding international students can work at a part time.

As mentioned earlier, there are two categories of job preferences. They are On Campus and Off Campus. This On campus is employment refers to working inside the school. But this kind of opportunity is available only at certain limited schools and colleges. There are certain limitations like the job may not provide you with financial assistance. And you may not be permitted to work in a first year or semester.

There are certain rules to be followed by working on-campus. They are

  1. You must be an F-1 visa holder.
  2. During your regular school days, you can work up to 20hrs per week.
  3. If you are continuing your studies for next academic semester, then you can work full time during your vacation.
  4. You don’t have to worry that your employment will not be costing anyone’s job. That is the job of a US resident will not be taken away to provide you a job.

Off-campus employment

The F-1 visa holders are permitted to work off campus also in Optional Practical Training (OTP). To get a job under OTP, he/she must get prior authorization from U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) and also from your school’s International Student Officer.

Typical requirements for OPT:

  1. The job must be directly be related to the primary subject of study that had selected by the student for their course of study.
  2. The student must be the F-1 visa holder.
  3. Students must apply for their OPT before they complete their graduation.
  4. Those students who had been a part of Curricular Practical Training (CPT) are not eligible to be a part of OPT.
  5. Those who are perusing their education and doing an OPT as a part time is permitted to work as a full-time for about nine months. I mean to tell you that if you have already worked as a part-time in OPT, it will reduce your OPT while you opt to work as a full time.


As said earlier, the students can work either as a part time while still they are pursuing their graduation or after the completion of their graduation. So the students who are still pursuing their graduation have different rules and the students who have completed and then opted for OPT have different rules. The rules are as follows:

OPT rules for Part-time working students:

  • They must be students who enrolled for full-time graduation.
  • They are supposed to work for only 20 hrs per week during the days of regular college sessions.
  • They can work full time during their vacation on a condition that if and only if they are to continue their studies after the vacations.

OPT rules for the students after completion of their graduation:

  • The students are supposed to work full time after the completion of their degree. Full time means 40hrs per week.
  • The student will be provided only 14 months to complete his OPT after the completion of his degree.
  • The student must get the application for the post-completion OPT from USCIS before he completes the degree.

So it’s left to you to decide whether you will work in on campus or off campus. And if you have any idea of working as a part time during your studies, then while consulting, see the overseas education consultants around you (We do Education consulting as well) and enquire them about the schools and colleges in the USA, which provides you with part-time working opportunities too.