USA study abroad foreign education consultants in hyderabad

USA study abroad foreign education consultants in hyderabad

We are the top rated best USA study abroad education consultants in Hyderabad.

I am here to provide you the information on how you can apply for an F1 visa from india and the procedure relating to the application.

usa study abroad foreign education consultants hyderabad

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Do you want to Study in USA. We are the best study abroad educations consultants in hyderabad and all over india. we provide you with the consulting services.

Process of F1 visa

Before starting i want to let you know that, Any student who is graduate or even passed their 10+2 can apply for an admission into an American university or an American college.

You need to write GRE, Toefl, Ielts Based on your university Selection. Once you are done with GRE, Toefl, Ielts you are required to send those Copies along with your academic certification copies to your desired university to get admission what so called as I-20.

Once you send all those documents to the desired university, the university officials if satisfied then they will send you the admission I-20. Be careful before selecting the course for your study in USA. Its also very much better to apply for admission in more than 1 university. So you get the admission from any one of the university.

Now its time to pay the Consular appointment fees. Click here to create an account with CGIFEDERAL.This account is used to generate CGI Stanley Receipt and book the appointment. Once you are registered the account with the CGIFEDERAL, you need to generate the CGI Stanley receipt and you need to pay 160$ in AXIS BANK. once you are paid the fees your receipt will be activated in 4 hours from the time you paid. Sometimes it takes 24 hours to get thet receipt activated. As we are the foreign education consultants particularly for usa we recommend students to check the receipt status after 24 hours.

Once your receipt is activated its time to Book your appointment with Consular for your VISA. Before Booking and appointment you need to Create your DS-160 form here. Ds-160 is an online application form where you will enter every information about you which includes your Educational information, kind of your visa, which college or university you are enrolled in, who is sponsoring your education and all information relating to you will be entered. Don’t make any mistakes when you are filling the DS-160 Application form.

You need this DS-160 application number to book your appointment slot for your Visa interview. once you are ready for the interview, Carry your passport, Appointment confirmation, DS-160 Confirmation, Your Educational Documents, Bank statements, Loan Documents to the Embassy to get your visa Approval.

Check Before you Decide :

Studying abroad is the dream of each and every student. It is a kind of different feel to say that I am a graduate from a foreign university. The US has always attracted students all over the world to its universities and colleges. One has a lot of choices to select among for their study purpose. You have an opportunity to select among more than 3000 colleges and universities. It is almost like there are limitless opportunities.  

Since there are various choices for studying, not just about the college but also about the study to be undertaken. It is very difficult to choose among the various programs available. Henceforth set priority to determine the program.

Before deciding the course, take plenty of time to decide your interest and priority for the study. Plenty of time doesn’t mean just one or two weeks but instead to decide to take nearly 12 to 18 months. Let me tell you that academic year begins in august or September. So decide before that.

Do you actually have any idea about what to study in abroad? If you already have some sort of idea about what to study or what subject you have interest for? Or whether have you already decided what you want to study in the abroad? Then it will be easy for you to further proceed towards your dreams. But still there are other factors which you need to consider on the other hand.

As we are the best overseas education consultants, we recommend all our students to check the below 5 factors before taking the decision.

The factors are:

  1. Deciding the field of your study: when you have the certain idea about what to study or which field then you must think whether you want to study that particular field overall or whether you want to gain mastery over a particular subject matter? For example, you might be interested in study related biology but in specifically you might be interested in studying about marine life. So you have an opportunity to do the study in depth about the subject matter you are interested in. Deciding the field of your study
  2. Deciding the university to study: after you have come to a firm decision about what you want to study, now comes a greater task to decide where to study. Which university would be great to study at? To decide where to study first, list out which universities and colleges offer that course of study. Then after listing, set priorities to college based on the ranking of all the facilities and the standard of education it offers to its students.  With all these while selecting the college or university you should also take into consideration the tuition fees or the estimated cost of the study. So based on all these factors you can come to a decision about where to study.Deciding the university to study
  3. Duration of the course: if you are doing your bachelors degree then it will be usually of three years and masters will be of two years. Then you must also see whether the course of study and its degree certificate has any value or will be taken into consideration in your own country. Because there might come a situation where you want to build your career based on your studies which you have completed in the abroad. So in such case if your country will not consider the degree certificates issued by your abroad university then you will find it difficult to build your career your abroad degree. So by keeping all these into consideration decide your future.Duration of the course
  4. Financial aspect: before coming to a final conclusion and making the final decision you need to estimate the over cost for your studies. Then you should also think whether your parents can afford that much money. Or whether there is any scholarship available if you have good grades, or if there is any possibility of getting education loan available so that you can pursue your education. Taking this into consideration then decide what you want for yourselfFinancial aspect
  5. Weather condition: weather condition of USA has to be also taken into consideration. Some cannot withstand the weather of USA. The weather condition plays a small role if you have plans for coming back after finishing your studies. But if you wish to stay back and gain work experience, then weather condition plays a vital role in your decision.Weather condition

These are few of the things that are to be considered when you want to study in the USA.

After you have decided to study in the USA then again there arises a question regarding your accommodation. There are 3 major options for your accommodations. Those options are

  1. On-campus dormitories:  Freshers would love to stay close to the college campus so that they would not get lost in the entirely new place. And also that some of the colleges or universities would provide accommodation facilities as soon as an international student enrolls to their college. And also that in one dormitory, there will be many rooms and in each room, they will accommodate 2-3 students of the same gender. It is like a hostel and there will be a proximate distance between the cafeterias where they can have food. And also, the cafeterias in the colleges and universities will be having an affordable meal plan which allow you to pay in advance or create an account where you can deposit a certain amount for your food at a designated place. By doing so you can have food and the cost of your food will be deducted from your account. And also, that staying in dormitories will provide you ready to use electricity and telephone services. And also, international calls have separate plans which you need to know after once you reach and get settled there.
  2. Off-campus: certain colleges and universities don’t provide accommodation for international students. In such the off-campus housing authorities will direct you regarding the availability of accommodations in the neighborhood and also they assist you to get settled and to find a compatible roommate to share your expenses. They would also brief you about the local neighborhood, shopping places , restaurants, parks recreational places and also about the public transportations.

You have an option of leasing a place for yourself with your friends. But when you do so you have to be very careful about. To lease a place contact your friends who can guide you. You can also see the classifieds in the sun day local newspapers and as a last option consulting the real estate agencies.

Before deciding the place to lease, spend some time in that locality to understand and think whether the place is suitable enough to stay. Make sure you understand the lease agreement before leasing a place. You don’t understand any of the clauses in the agreement ask your friends or any trustworthy people to read it out for you. After all, this make sure about the utilities or the facilities that you have in that house.

After once you have found an accommodation for yourself off the campus, you should be aware that the rent you pay doesn’t include the utilities like electricity, telephonic services. So you have to ask your landlord for all these services to be activated for you. The landlord will provide you the contact information. You can contact the customer service representatives regarding the special discount in calling plans, particularly for the International calls. Soon after your service is registered you will get a free telephone directory which will have the contact details of your neighborhood and other government services etc.

  1. Homestays: this is one more option to learn. If you are away from home for the first time and you feel completely lost at the new place then you will be given an opportunity to stay with one American family where they will treat you as one among them. It’s actually a great opportunity for you to stay with them and learn their culture and family dynamics. Staying away from your home but still you can feel as if you are at home.

So finally I wish you the best and I think this would help you to take up your decision about studying in abroad and also to decide what kind of accommodation you would love to have to make your stay there pleasant and comfortable enough for yourself.

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